An Old Soul

The first post!

Hi, I’m Michael. I’m 30 and I’m already too old for this shit (as in, life).

I chose the name Old Soul Wisdom for this blog because I think I’m mentally pretty settled on what the world needs right now, and what it will need for many, many years to come. The world has always been broken, but our society (as in, the West) has not always been this broken. The US in particular is quite capable of coming together. We came together in 1984 to vote for Ronald Reagan, who won every state’s electoral votes except Minnesota. We came together in 2001 after the September 11 attacks. But we are not united now, and it seems to only be getting worse.

I was going to change my personal blog’s name to Father Michael, but that would have been a bit much. I still wanted a new title reflecting the concept of a teacher, so I figured “old soul” worked perfectly. I abandoned my name in the title, and decided to make a new blog altogether, so that this could eventually include other writers. Yes, that’s an open invitation to others who might want to contribute. As for the word “wisdom,” I added it so that people can see the title and know exactly what they’re about to read.

Thus, Old Soul Wisdom.

To address the elephant in the room, yes, I’m aware that I’m only 30. But being an old soul doesn’t strictly mean you are actually old. It means your soul is old. I think in a lot of ways, I’ve always been an old soul.

Despite being, as they say, “tall, dark, and handsome,” I have never cared for things like partying, or sports, or having impulsive fun. I never started having a womanizing phase, which most 18-34 year-olds engage in. My friends growing up always tried to pull me into doing things like impulsive fun, and my brother tried desperately to get me into sports, but virtually since my birth, I’ve always preferred to deep-think, observe, study, and most importantly, protect and care for those I love.

On the outside, I’ve always been young, but on the inside I’ve always been old. Took a while, though, for my experience and knowledge to align with my old soul.

Ever since turning 30, I’ve been thinking about how I spent my 20s, and for several weeks, I felt deep shame, because I felt like I completely wasted my 20s. But I realized that actually isn’t true. In fact, I couldn’t have spent my 20s better than I did. I had failed relationships, starting with my childhood sweetheart, and ending with my daughter’s immature mother. I had a failed business, which I tried to start with my daughter’s mother. I was a staunch social-liberal who voted entirely for Democrats in the 2016 election. I became an atheist when I was 18, but I spent most of my 20s attacking and mocking religion.

All mistakes and failures.

Failure is the best teacher, but maybe I can help people not have to learn everything the hard way.

I had to learn the hard way how not to think, and what not to do. I had to learn the hard way my role in a romantic relationship. I had to learn the hard way that starting a business is always a risk, since most businesses fail (fact). I had to learn the hard way that being left-wing is an immature and destructive philosophy. I had to learn the hard way that religion and spirituality in general is absolutely necessary for a society, and that New Atheism did not do the world any favors like I thought it did.

In short, I spent my 20s becoming wise … by having my heart in the right place, and failing at everything.

There are also a lot of minor things I had to learn the hard way, such as the fact it’s better to have a few people in your life whom you love, instead of hundreds of people you don’t care much for. Things like that.

I was born to be a father to one or a few, while being a father figure to the rest of the world. I’m sure my purpose will reach its peak when I’m 50 or 60. I’m built to observe and study, and share what I learn. I’m built to want to protect, provide, and serve. My daughter gets the best I have to offer by learning from me directly; the rest of the world can learn through this here blog.

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  1. This is great!! Looking forward to the growth of this site. I like the old soul concept. I am one as well! And it can be lonesome, it is a blessing to find one to share life with. My husband and I are both old souls and I’m grateful to have this connection!


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