Yes, Women Are Sex Objects

Women are sex objects, men are success objects. Knowing this will save you a lot of wasted time down the road, whether you’re a man or a woman.

If it’s your gut-reaction to be offended by the title of this post, ask yourself if you’d be offended if the title was “Yes, men are success objects.” You most likely wouldn’t be. It’s not controversial to say that men are success objects, because in our hyper-feminized modern society, misandry (or anything that sounds like it) is perfectly acceptable, while anything that remotely looks misogynistic, or sounds like it, is taboo. Double-standards are great, aren’t they, kids?

Reducing anything to how offensive you find it, is childish. This here is a lesson in reality, whether you like it or not, child.

Anyone who tells you that a woman’s appearance doesn’t matter is lying to you, and also lying to themselves. If it weren’t true that women are sex objects, Instagram and OnlyFans would have been failed companies. If it weren’t true that women are sex objects, women wouldn’t care about make up or looking pretty, and we all know women deeply care about their appearance.

Women want to be looked at, and men want to look at them. We all know this to be true.

Humans evolved with men being the workers and women being the caretakers. Since women carried babies in their wombs, they did not evolve to be brave, tough, or sacrificial. It’s men who evolved to be these things. You might see women physically and mentally competing, or exceeding, men in movies, but it doesn’t happen in reality; at least, not 99.99% of the time. This is why men are physically superior to women in every way. Men are bigger, men have higher pain tolerance, men can run faster and for longer, men have greater muscle mass, and men have denser bones. Men rarely care about their appearance, because we evolved to get filthy and endure injuries.

So, why do women care about their appearance?

In short, it’s because looking pretty is almost all women have to attract a man. For hundreds of thousands of years, women spent their time carrying, and caring for, the babies of the village. They were not out risking their lives to bring back food or to fight off threats. Plus, it’s not as if they could simply choose not to get pregnant: A tribe’s ability to survive, and our species as a whole, depends on women getting pregnant. If women didn’t produce enough living babies, the tribe died out, or got overrun by a tribe that did procreate often enough.

This is still true today, by the way. Just because we have all kinds of technology and comfort, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any threats out there in the form of hostile tribes. We call them nations now. Still to this day, nations like China or Russia could overrun another powerful nation if that nation decided to not really make babies anymore. Twenty or thirty years down the road, that spells out trouble for your country if the majority of women don’t want to make babies anymore.

So, women did not evolve to engage in physical activity. No matter how many times you see it in movies and shows, it’s just pure woke leftist nonsense to depict women as being physically equal to men (or superior). They are not, and this is why.

Women needed to find a way to be attractive that didn’t involve skills or strength. Men could always compete with each other in strength and intelligence. That wasn’t available to women for all but the last splinter of our species’ history. So, how did women evolve to be attractive to men? With their bodies. They competed with each other through their appearances, by showing men they are healthy and can make babies.

That is entirely what “hot” means whenever you hear a man say that word about a woman. It means she looks healthy and fertile, and it means his subconscious instincts are prompting him to make babies with that healthy female.

This is why women dread aging. This is why women are at their peak attractiveness when they are 20 and it goes downhill every year after that. This is why women endlessly talk about their own imperfect features (like “my nose is too big” or something). All of it is about looking attractive to men. They want to look good, they want to look the best. It is not about art, it is not about expression, it’s not even about confidence. It is about being attractive to men, whether they believe they are or not. Women want attention from men, and they want to get more attention than the other women get.

Let me guess: Your hands are helping you accentuate your personality?

On social media, it most certainly is the attention from men that women are seeking with their photos showing butt, curves, and cleavage. They don’t get as much attention from women. When attractive women on social media get attention from other women, it is only because of lesbian attraction or secret resentment for being prettier; very rarely any other reason.

If it was about art, why don’t you see Instagram models putting up countless pictures of sculptures, or paintings, or stained glass murals in place of pictures of themselves? Yes, some of them post those things, but we all know actual art is greatly, greatly overshadowed by the amount of selfies and body shots women post to their social media. It’s not about art, it’s about sex appeal. It’s about that prehistoric instinct to draw in the best males to mate with. They may not know it consciously, but they certainly know it instinctually.

Any woman who says she doesn’t want to be seen as a sex object is lying, to herself and to you. Any woman who claims “I’m just showing off my body as an art form” is in denial. They don’t understand their own instincts. They want to be the most attractive one in the room because their survival has always depended on it. This is one of the ways Mother Nature has always been cruel to women: A woman’s best chance for survival, or at least for happiness, is most dependent on men, and appearances are immensely important to men.

Women need a man to protect them, from the elements, from dangerous creatures, and from other men. And women need protection and provisions most when they are pregnant. Whether pregnant or not, women always consciously know they are smaller and weaker than men, and still need a man to at least feel safe in any given environment. I would bet money the fact they are smaller and weaker crosses their minds on a literally-daily basis.

Part of what makes this so cruel is the fact that men seek maximum fertility and a woman’s fertility declines with every passing year after they are fully grown. Any man who tells a 30-year-old woman she’s just as beautiful as she was at 20, is also lying. Every year a woman has not secured a man to be their lifelong companion is another year of physical decline, and the odds increasingly turn against them to be able to ever lock in a man for life.

It’s important for women to be as attractive as possible, because they are (instinctually) seeking the best man among the crowd. They want the most effective man they can draw in. By effective I mean the man who can provide for them best, protect them best, and be their best companion.

I want to end on this important note: Women, you most certainly are more than just your sex appeal. That’s not me trying to be nice, that is also evolution speaking. This relates to why OnlyFans girls, or other prostitutes, are not worth a damn, at least to any man worth keeping.

Want the happiest possible relationship with the man of your dreams? Obey your prehistoric instincts as a woman to make babies, take care of those babies, and take care of the home you all live in. If you find that too rigid a lifestyle, then good luck finding happiness all the way into your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s being busy trying to have a career instead. Seriously, good luck.

Men want a healthy, fertile body in their woman, but men are also attracted to women who have a sense of duty as caretakers. Men are attracted to women they know will take care of their children and take care of the home. Men want a woman they can come home to who has positive energy, who is happy to see them, and who took care of the home while he was gone.

When men and women are left alone to be whatever they want to be, these are the patterns both sexes naturally follow. Men are task-oriented creatures. It’s not society that “trained” us to be this way, it’s the way we naturally are. We are naturally driven to want to complete projects, and to be the provider, and to be the protector. While women have fantasies about being swept off their feet by the man of their dreams, men fantasize about being heroes and leaders.

The reason most men don’t want to be with an OnlyFans girl, or any other kind of prostitute, is because she – the woman herself – has reduced herself to nothing but a sex object. They do this and then complain about how much men sexualize their bodies? They do this and then complain about how they can’t keep a man around? The vast majority of women who reduce themselves to nothing but sex objects, by spending their time trying to get men to throw money at them, find themselves rich in the short-term, and poor and alone in the long-term. Those women made a deal with the devil. They come to understand their mistake once their beauty fades and they can no longer compete in the sexual marketplace.

Men don’t want used goods, and men certainly don’t want a woman who’s “aged out.”

So, when asinine leftists, who don’t understand human nature or reality in general, come along and say, “Men should start being stay-at-home dads,” or, “Women should be CEOs and presidents,” these people have no clue what they’re talking about. When women follow their natural inclinations, they are much happier. This is why women have become more miserable with every passing decade since the Sexual Revolution and Civil Rights era. Despite having more freedoms, more opportunities, and all of the privileges, women are far less happy than they were before the 1960s.

It may be unfortunate how much a woman’s happiness depends on a man, but it’s still the truth whether you like it or not. But it’s the same for men. A man’s happiness greatly depends on having a woman as well, but we really feel most manly having someone to protect and provide for, whether it’s our mate, or our child. And it’s about more than just having someone, it’s also about men and women doing what they are naturally better at, and what they are naturally inclined to want to do with their time. When men and women choose to share a life (marriage), and they each do what they are naturally inclined to do, they are both happier, and live longer. Men want to work and serve, women want to socialize and be caretakers.

Fight the truth all you want, it’s still the truth, so just accept it already.

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