Men Are Success Objects

What women find most attractive (even if they don’t consciously realize it) is that they want a man who can protect and provide. A man who can make their life comfortable. They don’t want a man who’s fragile, they don’t want a man who can’t get much accomplished. It’s an unfortunate fact about life for men: If we are ineffective, then we are useless.

I mean, if you think about it: We don’t give birth, so if we don’t give birth, and we’re not physically or intellectually capable of producing beneficial results, then it seems natural we would be useless. The sole fact we don’t give birth is what inherently makes us more expendable than women. Still important, but not quite as much. That was true one million years ago, and it’s true now.

Hypothetically, if you had a village of 100 people, and 99 of them were either male or female, which would help the tribe survive longer? Would that tribe survive longer if the 99 were women, or if they were men? The answer is: Women.

If the 99 were men, the sperm of the men would face heavy competition with each other, and thus only the best men would get the woman pregnant, but it still wouldn’t change the fact that one woman cannot repopulate a tribe. And that’s assuming she survives every childbirth. If these 100 people were the only ones left on Earth, that one woman couldn’t repopulate mankind itself. So, no matter which way you slice it, woman are more valuable to a tribe, and more valuable to our species, than men are.

Am I saying men don’t matter? Of course not. We do all the hard work and always have. Women couldn’t survive without us. Women need us for damn-near everything. They couldn’t even make babies without us. But that is exactly why we are required to be effective: Our girls need us to be.

One of the most wonderful things about being male, I’ve noticed from personal experience, is that everything I’m explaining here is all instinct. We don’t have to be taught to be effective, we already want to be. We are task-oriented creatures. We don’t need to be taught to shield our wife or child from a gunman, because we’ll do it anyway without thinking about it.

Watch this video of a man who leapt off a bridge to save a baby. Would a woman do that, even if it were her own baby? No, she’d cry for someone (a man) to leap off the bridge for her. This is instinct. It is also innate to men knowing it is our purpose to sacrifice for those we love, even if we don’t get rewarded for it. We are not built to need a reward, we are built to just plain do what needs to be done. In that video I linked, the rescuer of that baby asked to remain anonymous. THAT’S being a real man. He did what had to be done, and wanted no recognition for it.

Men are perfectly okay with being success objects.

But it is still important to remember what men ought to be, and I’m not just writing this post for men, I’m also writing it for women. In this day and age, masculinity is demonized. It is asinine to demonize masculinity because our women and children depend on it, even to this day. To the men reading this post, I’m not telling you how to be a man, I’m telling you that you already know how, and you need to allow yourself to be. Don’t let whiny feminists tell you it’s wrong to be what you are. They need you; and you don’t need them.

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