The Most Important Advice About Women

The one thing you must remember about women is: They are conceited creatures, and they are conceited creatures because they are weak.

Call it “offensive” all you want (which would just reinforce my point), we all know it’s true.

Why is anything offensive? Why does the word “offensive” mean anything to anyone? Because of women.

Solely because of women.

Weak creatures, no matter what animal you’re talking about, are inherently incapable of putting others first. There’s a reason the larger males, of any mammal, have to be the protectors. They’re not always the providers (like with lions), but they are most of the time, and they certainly are always the protectors. But when it comes to the females of our own species … it’s much worse.

Watch how men interact with each other and you’ll observe that we never stop hurdling insults at each other. Sometimes we don’t mean what we say, and sometimes we mean it 100%, and most of the time, we don’t care either way. We don’t care, because we “offend” each other all the damned time. It’s an instinct of ours to make each other tougher. We become virtually immune to “offensive words” by a certain age. (That is, in circumstances when men are able to act like men in the first place.)

The mere fact that words can hurt women is all the proof anyone needs that they are conceited, weak creatures.

I did not say they “weak compared to men.” No, I said they are weak, period. Name me any other creature in all of nature that gets wounded by words alone.

They know this, too. Women know this probably even better than I do, or any other man. In fact, women understand each other overall. That’s why they hate each other. While men lob fake insults at each other, women give fake compliments to each other and they know it’s fake, and they know why it’s fake.

Men are real, women are calculating. They have to be. They are weak.

So, here’s my advice for men:

  • Never get married without a hell of a prenuptial agreement. Even then, never forget that that you can still get seriously screwed over. It’s wiser to just never get married at all.
  • If you’re alone with a woman, even if the two of you are in a public place, be sure to sound-record every minute of your interaction. Do this even if someone else is with you.
  • If you’re already in a heated encounter (like an argument or fight) with a woman, video-record the whole thing (not just sound-record).
  • Never give one cent to a girl on the internet. Use that money to build your own wealth. Know your limits, because takers don’t have limits.

You’ll thank me for this advice later. Trust me.

The dark age for women is already here, and it’s about to get even darker. Women are too weak to see the damage their own weakness is causing. Men are INCREASINGLY wanting nothing to do with women, which puts more stress on women to take care of themselves.

If women want this dark age to end, they need to start embracing masculinity again. They need to stop shitting on men. But their dark age has only begun.

A woman’s primary survival mechanism is her victim card. I don’t say this hyperbolically, I say this with complete seriousness. And this has been true since the dawn of our species. Women, literally, rely on victimhood most, in order to get others to do what they want. They use their victimhood (whether it’s real or not) to trigger the masculine instinct within men to protect and provide for them.

I once had a girlfriend who was $30,000 in debt (from her previous relationship), and she did everything in her power to guilt me into helping her pay off this debt. She was not remotely humble about it, and that’s why I stayed strong and didn’t give in to her guilting.

I used to be married to a woman I thought would never, a million years, try to screw me over. I was dead-wrong. NEVER assume a woman won’t screw you over. NEVER assume a woman will refuse an opportunity to take your money. Weak creatures need to get help wherever they can find it, and it doesn’t matter at all whether they earned what they have or not. To them, it’s only about having things in the first place; to hell with how they acquired it.

Almost everyone, including women, have been in at least one situation in life when a woman tried to get them in trouble and/or take something precious from them for either no reason at all, or a damned-pathetic reason. I personally have had one instance, just at my current job, where a woman tried to get me fired because she overheard me talk about this very subject. I’m not kidding. She went to our boss, literally crying, saying it deeply offended her that I said, “Women are conceited creatures.” This was back in January, but still, I’ll never forget it. (My boss is a woman herself, and so she saw right through that manipulation. I was never so much as spoken to about it.)

That girl reacted to the point I made by … proving my point.

If you don’t believe what I’m saying about women, just look at how women present themselves on social media. They are always trying to draw attention to themselves, especially in ways they know will draw the eyes of men. This is an ancient instinct of theirs at work. Even in the age of social media, they still can’t get by without trying to get men to give them money and pay attention to them.

This wouldn’t be a problem if women kept fulfilling their natural duties of making families and keeping their families together. But they only do the opposite of that in recent years.

Men, keep yourself safe from the conceitedness of women. We know we all wish they weren’t like this, because we want to provide for them and protect them, but deep down, we all know they are conceited. The problem is not that women are like this, the problem is that MEN have allowed women to become more powerful than we are. Even when they still don’t hold nearly as many political or corporate positions, they still currently hold more power.

They did this through single-motherhood. They broke up the family unit, knowing that judges will side with them and give them everything they want. After 30 to 40 years of this happening more and more, we eventually got entire generations raised solely by women in broken homes who made their kids just as weak as they are, with some anti-men indoctrination mixed in.

We are the ones who leap in front of bullets to save their lives. We are the ones who decided we should go to war while they stayed home where it’s safe. We are the ones who said women can go into the lifeboats while we stayed behind on the sinking ship. We are the ones who live shorter lives being stressed day-in and day-out working hard to provide for them.

NEVER let a woman tell you they can be our equals. They can’t. Women are not sacrificial, they are not humble, they do not put others first. Our species figured this out thousands of years ago, and we suddenly forgot it in recent decades.


  1. Well I’ve got to say, I don’t want hundred percent agree, but there’s something very really you’re talking about there. My point of disagreement is in tying it to women, but that’s also part of the charm of this piece so, not sure how I can knock the blatantly misogynistic tact, kind of works for the point you’re trying to make. Just not sure that in a literal sense these traits can be attached to one gender, I know plenty of soy boys out there oh, and I get that your point would be that they’re adopting the behaviors and tactics of women, but I just don’t think this Behavior some tactics can be fairly ascribed to women if you trace it far enough back. Unless you’re just being tongue in cheek, to get the goat of any feminazis reading this, darung them to get triggered πŸ˜‚ in which case I want a hundred percent approve of everything you said and how you said it πŸ˜‚ never a bad idea to deliberately troll the left. Whatever your underlying intent, enjoyed the read, good food for thought. ✌🐸


  2. First sentence correction (was mangled by talk-to text): well I’ve got to say, I don’t 100% agree, but there’s something very real you’re talking about here


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