Women Don’t Believe in Free Speech

Only one half of the population truly wishes to stifle free speech, and it applies regardless if they are left-wing or right-wing.

Currently, the attacks on free speech come from the Left. However, I remember back when I was a kid, the people finding everything ‘offensive,’ from Harry Potter to Pokémon, came from the [Christian] Right. In both time periods, and just about any time period in American history, regardless of political affiliation, the vast majority of it comes from women, and it always will.

Because women don’t believe in free speech. Women have always put tremendous emotional stock into words, since the beginning of our species. It is for two reasons:

1) Power

2) Social Status

Being the weaker sex, and having evolved to be caretakers (not fighters), women depend entirely on their ability to get men to do what they want/need. They use their sex appeal, their tears, and most commonly, their words. As for social status, words have always had the power to build or destroy a woman’s status in a community, regardless of the time period. Status is everything to women because they can’t, comparatively, do much on their own.

The reason women find social status so important revolves almost entirely around the fact they are conceited creatures, and they are conceited because they are weak. The most important thing to a woman, is herself. (Not to say it is the only thing; just the most important.) They are the weaker sex, and thus, they can never have enough resources, and they can never have enough status. Ever wonder why they are perpetually dissatisfied? That’s why.

A woman’s status greatly influences whether the man she desires will commit to her or not. A woman’s status almost entirely dictates how much people in her social circles want to have anything to do with her. Remember, women depend far more heavily on others than men do. They need their status, and therefore, words matter immensely to them.

Words are to a woman what the stock market is to a man. As words get passed around, a person’s value goes up and goes down, just like stocks. Negative words make a woman look worse, and thus makes her value, or status, drop. If our ancestors found a man “possessed by bad spirits,” then he could at least defend his life by fighting back, but if a woman was found to be “possessed by bad spirits,” then she was just plain screwed. Women have to know everyone’s business because it makes them feel secure. This instinct goes back hundreds of thousands of years. This instinct says: “If no one is saying anything bad about me, or something I’m connected to, then that means I can keep all the people and resources I have.” Most of that instinct remains accurate.

It’s also a competition thing. Since social status is how women have always competed with each other, and since they’re not physical creatures like men are, the only way they can truly compete with each other is through trying to “out-class” each other, and one of the best ways to do that is through spreading information, whether that information is false or true.

Ever wonder why it’s impossible for a woman to admit she was wrong? Status.

Another reason women put so much value in words is because, during our hunter-gatherer days, they had to communicate heavily with each other just to know what’s going on in the first place. They weren’t out in the world experiencing things firsthand like the men were. They had to talk and talk and talk in order to spread information about whether an enemy tribe was coming, or if the men figured out a way to survive the drought yet, or if somebody in the tribe just died from disease. Gossiping was basically how they experienced events they weren’t present for. Men actually experienced what was going on, women had to ‘experience’ things through talking about them, because they spent every minute taking care of the younger generation. Not to mention planning social events and such.

So, there’s the purely-informational aspect of all this, but this still mostly centers around competition with other women for the attention of men.

Since women put so much stock into words, that means words alone can make a woman feel cozy, or feel terrified, or feel happy, or feel depressed. Words directed at them, good or bad, have almost as much effect on them as words directed at anything they feel connected to. If unflattering words are spoken about anything connected to them in any way (their beliefs, their friends/family, their possessions, or just things they love in general, like puppies or something), they interpret those words as personal attacks. It’s utterly pathetic to us men, but women can’t help it.

As men, we don’t care much for words, regardless what they’re spoken about, unless they convey important information. We constantly insult each other, for real and for play (oftentimes both), and that behavior makes us tough, both mentally and physically. If words actually do sting us, we use the truth to improve ourselves. I myself used to be more emotionally fragile than my female friends; you’d never guess that now, since I’m practically known for having thick skin now.

Words, though, can be a woman’s Achilles’ heel. We all know women hate each other, we all know they’re envious of each other. Words (and appearances) are how they stay ahead of each other.

A woman’s stock in words is instinctual. They may not even consciously realize why words matter so much to them. But instincts are instincts, whether you know their purpose or not. (Like with my first crush, Halle Berry, in the ’94 Flintstones movie. My instincts told me to keep staring at her, even though I was a toddler and had no idea why.)

How we’re built is just how we’re built. Thank evolution for all of it.

So, when it comes to competing with each other, it comes down to power and social status. Women know that words can build or destroy a person’s standing. Why do you think they enjoy gossip so much? It is because, through gossip, women can keep some control over everyone they know, and they must do this to feel secure. They need to know everyone’s secrets, because if they do, they can feel less threatened by, well, literally any potential threat. Don’t forget: They are weak creatures. They have a constant (literally-constant) need to feel secure, and they feel secure by feeling in control.

All of this is why women can’t debate. They can only win a debate or argument by finding ways to keep you from speaking words they don’t like.

All of this is why women believe in free speech for own personal self, but not for anyone else.

Yet another reason women shouldn’t have power.

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