Single Mothers Are the Greatest Cancer on Society

It doesn’t matter what the reason a mother is single. Single mothers are the reason our society is full of weak people.

Kids need their father.

Not just a father; they need THEIR father. And they need their father in the same house with their mother, being raised by both together.

I can already hear it in the comments: “But what if her husband dies?” Well, in that case, it’s not the mother’s fault (unless she killed him), but her situation is still contributing to the problem. So, no, even if it truly, truly isn’t the mother’s fault, she is still contributing to the problem. I’ll use a weird example to explain this.

Carrie Fisher died before Star Wars Episode 9 was filmed. It was the final film in the sequel trilogy (episodes 7-9), and she was actually meant to be the center focus of the movie. But she died before production began. And this guaranteed the movie would end up being far worse, especially since the studio had very little time to figure out how to make everything work out.

Was it the studio’s fault Carrie died? Not at all. But that didn’t change the fact the movie would be far worse because of it. Sometimes in life, it’s not your fault that something went terribly wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s going to produce a horrible outcome…

If an asteroid strikes Earth, it’s literally nobody’s fault, but that doesn’t change the fact that millions of people would get killed.

But here’s the thing. If a mother is single, it IS her fault, the vast majority of the time. Most mothers, without a doubt, are the ones who split up their families for self-indulgent reasons. Women live in an age where they get everything they want and all they have to do is pretend-cry and/or sleep with the right people.

Does anyone really, truly believe that we’d have an epidemic of single motherhood if mothers knew they would NOT receive “child support,” or alimony, or other government impositions? Does anyone really believe mothers would do this if they thought they were going to lose in court?

Women know they don’t have to be responsible with their choices, before, during, or after a relationship, because the government will keep their life cozy no matter what. In the meantime, men still have the same expectations they’ve always had.

All women are aware that their tears can manipulate anyone to do anything. They know the power of their victim card, even if they’re not remotely a victim of anything, and the majority of the time, they’re not victims at all. Since they know they have this power, they have been abusing it for decades, thanks to feminism slowly creeping into our collective psyche.

When I talk about single mothers, I’m not strictly referring to mothers who are actually single. I’m referring to all women who are no longer with the father of their children.

The vast majority of prisoners, male and female, were not raised by their father.

The vast majority of teenage homeless runaways were not raised by their father.

The majority of violent sex offenders were not raised by their father.

The majority of all substance abuse addicts were not raised by their father.

The majority of suicidal youths were not raised by their father.

I would also bet a lot of money that virtually the rest of the people in these statistics, who actually were raised by their father, had a shitty father. So, do you see where all the evidence is pointing? Fathers are immensely important. No matter how much a self-absorbed “victim” mother wants to think she’s all that her kids need, their father still means the world to them, even if they never met him growing up (like me), and even if their father is a complete scumbag (also like mine).

Mothers need to, first of all, choose better men to make kids with in the first place, and then, never give up on making their relationship with that man better, at least until the kids are fully grown.

Mothers who don’t do this, don’t care about their kids.

Women have an ultimate tool that most men don’t have. That tool is: Their extensive support network. This is probably the ultimate reason no woman, literally no woman, has an excuse for leaving her partner.

They can always go stay with their mother, they can always stay at their girlfriend’s place. At the very least, they can confide in their closest support before going to personal counseling, and if that doesn’t help, there’s still the additional option of personal counseling and/or marriage counseling. I seriously don’t know why this is such a difficult concept for single mothers to grasp.

Do women really think their mother will turn them down if they want to stay somewhere else for the night? Or any of their siblings? Or their closest friends? Or hell, even women’s shelters.

Men are still, to this day, expected to be providers. Women still aren’t attracted to men that they would have to support the whole time. Women make their own money, more than ever before, but men are still expected to earn more. On top of that, men’s support networks are far, far more likely to turn us down if we reach out for help. We’re expected to have our shit together at all times, and nobody’s willing to lend us a hand until we get back on our feet. And there are virtually 0 shelters for men.

My point is, with the vast, vast amount of free support women get, for their entire lives, regardless of their circumstances, how the hell do they think they still have an excuse to abandon the father of their children completely, separate their kids from their father, force their kids to go back and forth between them (if they even get that lucky), and forever be a bad example to their kids about how to deal with difficult situations?

Now you know what I mean when I say that single mothers don’t care about their kids. They have all the resources they need to work on their relationships, to make their relationship healthier, and even change their man for the better. They have those resources FOR FREE, and yet they still choose to just give up and walk away when it’s most convenient for them, despite the tremendous pain it inflicts on their own kids and on the father. Everyone knows by now how much it damages a child’s development when their parents aren’t together, and yet too many women still choose to do it … shamelessly.

They don’t care about their kids.

Single mothers don’t try to make it work. They just plain quit once things get a little rough, or dull, in the relationship. And you will probably hear them say, “I stuck it out for a whole year!” Maybe they’ll cry about sticking it out for 5 years. But I can promise you, they didn’t give it their best shot; not even close. If they had, then they wouldn’t have needed to “stick it out” for so long in the first place. Remember everything I said about the countless resources women have these days…

Single mothers are too self-absorbed to think maybe they are the problem, not their ex-partner. I wish the mother of my own child had gone to personal counseling, for herself, long before she had even thought about leaving. If she had taken herself to counseling, we’d still be together today, guaranteed. She knows she is emotionally scarred from events in her childhood, and she knows she never chose to deal with those problems. Instead, she brought it into our marriage, blamed me for things I didn’t do, and then took off. She had already made her decision before her family ordered her to go to marriage counseling first.

Everyone begins life as a child. Everyone needs to be taught what they need to know as they grow up. And everyone learns the most from the people who raise them. All adults were once children. Everyone’s upbringing shapes who they become for the rest of their life. Single mothers know this, and yet still choose to be careless and self-indulgent.

We need to start calling single mothers exactly what they are: Pathetic, self-absorbed cowards. It is absolutely asinine that people keep calling them brave or strong when they are the opposite of that. Women SHOULD be the glue that keeps families together. Single mothers shamelessly tear their own families apart.

Add in the fact that 20% of men aren’t aware at least one of their kids belong to another man. Add in the fact that single mothers directly, or subtly, teach their kids to hate men, which creates a whole ocean of problems all in itself.

Hey judges, do you REALLY think it was such a good idea to blindly favor women in family courts for all these years??

Women have fewer expectations than men, and they have far more emotional resources than men. Any woman, in this day and age, who still breaks up her family, and damages the psychological development of her children in the process, is without excuse. Single mothers are the greatest cancer on our society. Because at this point, everyone knows a lot of people whose mother left their father. The cancer has spread too far.

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