What Women Can Be

Women can be parasites, or they can be goddesses.

A woman at her worst is a parasite. A woman at her best is the center of a happy family that she created herself – a goddess.

No two women better exemplify this spectrum, I believe, than Margaret Thatcher and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

Margaret Thatcher was a mother, she remained faithful to her husband until death, and even if you disagreed with her beliefs, it’s undeniable that she practiced what she preached. She was known for her conviction, and was nicknamed The Iron Lady. Even her enemies in the Soviet Union respected her.

Everything about her exemplified what a real woman is. She was a mother to her own children and a mother to the British people. People listened to her because they respected her, not just because they had to.

On the flipside, you have AOC, who has virtually none of the qualities Margaret Thatcher had. Even if you agree with what AOC says, nobody looks up to her as a leader or a role model. At best, she is just a mouthpiece for her unoriginal left-wing ideas. Her entire character centers around calling things unfair, blaming everything wrong with the US on disconnected things (such as climate change being caused by racism), and demanding that the government make all her dreams come true. She has not made her own children (which is important, yes) and she’s not in a committed lifelong relationship. (Well, at least she’s not despicable enough to be a single mother, yet.)

AOC is a child. She throws tantrums like a child, she is ignorant like a child, and she is not capable of contributing to society like a child. Watch this one-minute video. Even her voice-pitch is like a child’s.

Both women represent what women can be. Margaret Thatcher is not the only woman worth emulating – there is Mother Teresa, Tulsi Gabbard, or Condoleezza Rice – but unfortunately, most women are not like these goddesses. Most women are like AOC.

When I talk about women on this blog, it is not remotely implying that women aren’t capable of anything, and certainly isn’t implying they’re not important. They can be amazing, but in ways men cannot be. Feminism wants everybody to believe that women can only be amazing when they do masculine things. This is why feminism is the ultimate misogyny, which I am actually trying to fight against. Women can be amazing when they do things men are not built for.

If women try to be like men, then they will be criticized as a man. If they embrace their femininity, they deserve no criticism at all. They cannot be men, and they shouldn’t want to be.

Women are meant to be the center of the families they create with their own wombs. It’s rare for them to be capable leaders, like Thatcher, because they’re not really built for that, but they’re not supposed to be leaders, like men. They are supposed to be the creators and the keepers of families. And nothing is more important than home and family.

Women in 2021 don’t deserve respect. They demand obedience, and they demand to get their own way. Women who deserve respect don’t need to make demands, ever. Respectable women are just plain obeyed, without effort. For example, I highly respect my best friend’s wife. She’s not even my own wife, but if she asks me to do something, or if she told me to do something, I obey without question. And I obey because she’s a real woman. She keeps her family intact, she raises her children properly, and she is faithful to her husband in every way. She lives a happy life because she doesn’t try to be a man.

My best friend is the head of his household, but he listens to his wife’s wishes because she is responsible, her heart is in the right place, and her family is everything to her. My best friend only overrules her decisions when he needs to do so, because men need to be the stronger one, but that is unnecessary 99% of the time.

Men are built to serve women. But women have become less and less deserving to be served. We are meant to fight threats so that they have a chance to run to safety. We are meant to toil every day to provide for our families so that women don’t have to. We are meant to deal with the stress of the outside world, so that our women don’t have to.

But what woman is worth any of that, anymore?

My best friend got lucky. They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but these days, most of those fish are detritivores (fish that eat carcasses and feces), figuratively speaking. They try to find happiness in life by being sluts. They try to find happiness in life being self-absorbed. The majority of women these days aren’t worth a man’s limited time on this Earth. They think they don’t need to be responsible, they think they deserve everything they want simply because they’re breathing. They demand that men change for them, and care nothing about changing themselves for the men they want.

I wish I could have served a woman like Margaret Thatcher in my life, whether in politics, in my personal life, or wherever. I don’t think I’ll ever get that chance.

Men, most of the women you encounter these days are an AOC. Find yourself a Margaret Thatcher, if you can.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this blog! Feminism is ironically misogynistic in of itself, by shaming women from being feminine, and pushing this ideology of always wanting to do man sh!t, always trying to compete with men which is futile, and even the feminists aren’t happy with their liberated lives. They aren’t truly liberated, if anything they’re enslaved into thinking less of themselves, and going against their nature.


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