Women Are the ONLY Misogynists

Where did feminism come from? I mean, where did it really come from?

Everyone knows women hate each other, but only recently did I personally come to realize: Women hate themselves just as much as they hate each other. That’s the true source of the feminist ideology. They hate how they were born, and they compare themselves to men because they don’t want to be what they naturally are.

When I criticize women, it is strictly for one purpose: Giving men the wisdom to not have their lives ruined by women. As I often say: Women are conceited creatures, and they are conceited because they are weak. When I criticize women, it does not stem from a hatred of women. I know, beyond any doubt that’s what a lot of people, including my ex-wife, want to believe, but that’s not remotely true. Honesty is not hatred. Only weak people see honesty as synonymous with hatred.

A squirrel should not judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. But if a fish insists that it can do everything a squirrel can do, if most fish insisted that they can replace all the squirrels in the world, then those fish completely deserve to be judged by how they compare to squirrels.

It’s simple, ladies. If you try to be us, you will be judged by how you compare to us. And you know you can’t compete with us, in our own natural spheres of life. That is the essence of the manosphere in general (father’s rights groups, men’s rights activists, and MGTOW). We don’t hate women, but we understand how detrimental it is to treat women like they can be men, when they can’t be.

In the current day, most women are feminists, even if they don’t consciously identify as one of them. The reason for this stems from the fact women have brainwashed themselves to believe that being “strong and independent” is somehow a good thing. Women always want more and are never satisfied. They evolved to have similar psyches to children (so that they can be better equipped to care for children than men) but the unfortunate downside is the perpetual dissatisfaction women always have. Like children, they always want more. They want power, they want money, and because they are conceited creatures, they don’t want these things through a man, they want these things for themselves.

That’s hilarious because even now, as feminized as our culture has become, women still depend on men for everything, just like they always have. The clients of prostitutes? Still men. The followers on OnlyFans? Men. The ones who create and enforce HR rules at every job? Still men. The majority of police officers? Still men. Who pays “child support”? Men. Who pays alimony? Men. Where does the majority of taxpayer dollars come from? Men.

Women, for being so “strong and independent” in the progressive 21st Century, sure seem more dependent on men than they ever were before.

This downward spiral the past several decades stems from women trying to be men in nearly every way. Where does this desperation to be our equals come from? Women hate that they are weaker than men. They hate that they are physically built to produce children and mentally wired to take care of children/households, while not being built to do a whole lot of other tasks.

This is self-hatred. Wanting “equality” with men, and/or wanting to replace men in all aspects of life, comes down to the same thing: It is women who weigh their own value based on masculine traits. It is not men who think femininity is inferior, it is women who think women are lesser for being feminine. It is women who think being girly and effeminate makes them lesser. They don’t want to be what they naturally are, they want to be men, period. They want to be their own deluded and distorted perspective of what they think masculinity even is.

Why else would everything feminists do involve masculine behaviors and lifestyles? It is women who judge themselves by how much they can be like a man, instead of simply embracing their natural femininity. And this is true, in 2021, whether a woman identifies as feminist or not. Seriously, do traditional women even exist anymore, apart from country girls in the Midwest?

Men want women to take care of the house. Men want women to bring a sense of community to their neighborhoods and social circles. Men want women who have a smile on their face when we come home from a stressful day at work. Men want these things, men need these things, and men cannot do these things on our own.

And by the way, women still want the same things from men they’ve always wanted. They want their mates to have good genes (like no short guys, etc.), they want their boyfriends and husbands to be able to protect and provide for them. Both sexes want things from the other, and that’s okay. But women have neglected what they are biologically built to do, and what men want them to do, and (here’s the kicker) what they themselves would prefer to do if they weren’t brainwashed by progressives.

One of the thousand reasons I despise single mothers: They stupidly force themselves to fill the role of a father as well as a mother, and they just end up failing at both, AND being miserable in the process, causing their kids to be miserable as well. And they do it for their own self-interest, and they get away with it by pretending to put their kids’ interests first.

Wanting to be strong and powerful and independent, is not feminine. It is feminine to want to nurture and comfort. Willingness to destroy one’s own family for self-pity and/or self-interest, is not feminine. It is feminine (in fact the MOST feminine thing) to create families and keep families together. But trying to be “strong and independent” and breaking families apart, are the habits and desires of misogynistic women, even if it brings down their own happiness, and society as a whole, in the process. They are too brainwashed to see the result is the opposite of what they wanted.

Women, you are different. You are your own creatures. Men know this, men like this, and men prefer this. You are different, not lesser. We don’t see you as lesser for being different, that is you.

The happiest women you will ever meet in life are women who embrace their femininity. I’ve had a few conversations with a woman twice my age whom I deeply respect, and she said, “I don’t care that I’m not strong, and I don’t care that I’m not independent. I don’t want to be.”

No one is truly independent anyway. Food for thought.

So, women of the 21st Century, why are you the ones who have a problem with femininity? We don’t want you to be tough, you’re the ones who want that. We don’t want you to have careers, you’re the ones who want that. Men have no problem accepting who we naturally are. We have no problem shielding you from gunfire, or jumping into a river to pull you out, or gradually wearing ourselves out with stressful careers across decades just to provide for you. We’re okay with that. In fact, men rarely care about their own happiness. We are sacrificial creatures. Our purpose in life revolves around what we accomplish. We don’t make it our purpose in life to be happy or comfortable.

Women, you’d realize how much it sucks to be a man if you actually were us. But we like being what we are. So, women, why aren’t you okay being feminine?


  1. Everybody gets it Zac, girls don’t like you lol. Do you think it might be because you’re a chubby autistic weirdo?


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