Women Have Caused Their Own Dark Age

We are currently living in the Dark Age of Women. (Or, should I call it the Dark Age of Femininity?)

Women have created this Dark Age themselves. Women’s happiness is at an all-time low, marriage rates are at an all-time low, and the political Left is trying to destroy the very concept of womanhood by trying to force everyone to pretend-believe that anyone can swap their sex, which leads to nonsense like men competing in women’s sports, or more dangerous things, like men residing in women’s shelters.

The premise of this post may not seem like direct wisdom, as is the title and purpose of this blog, so here is the wisdom: This is the natural result when you allow crybabies to get too much of what they demand.

Women are perpetually-dissatisfied creatures. This is why most marriages end in divorce, and why women initiate the majority of divorces. This is why the wage-gap argument won’t go away despite the fact it is easy to debunk. This is why feminism is still alive today, and growing stronger, despite the fact it outlived its purpose 100 years ago.

Adults seem to understand that you shouldn’t give a whiny child everything they demand, but that wisdom flies out the window when it comes to women, somehow. Well, ladies, this is the result of getting nearly everything you want: You have made yourselves miserable, and the very concept of womanhood is now considered undesirable, and it’s dying.

Biological men are shattering female records, and now you can’t say anything about it, because that “wouldn’t be nice” to trans people.

You are reaching your 30s and 40s without being in committed relationships and/or children, and once you realize that, it’s now virtually too late, because you wasted your youth on things that don’t bring happiness, like having careers and being internet whores.

Examples aside, I have to ask you, women: How many families must you destroy, all for the sake of “child support” and alimony,” before entire generations grow up despising you?

For decades you have abused your womanhood, and now it’s starting to backfire, and when entire generations of people who grew up in broken families, because of you, start to hate you simply for being female … that’s when this Dark Age will be its darkest. It’s not quite there yet, but that time is on its way.

I think about my mother, my sister, and even my ex-wife, and I wonder: Does anybody love them with all their heart besides their own mothers? They don’t have anyone who gets lost in their eyes, or who feels happiness just thinking about them. Take my ex-wife for example. Her ego is so massive, she doesn’t realize how lonely she’s made herself, even with all the simps she keeps in her life, and because her ego is so massive, she’ll never change. She won’t have any simps left in her life by the time she’s 40, when her youth has faded.

Individually, and collectively, you have done this to yourselves, women.

The ironic thing is: Feminism has made this time period the best time to be a man. We can fuck woman after woman without having any pressure to commit, we only have to pay “child support” if we don’t want to be around our kids, and it’s not like biological females are joining our sports and destroying our own records…

Personally, I find those things abhorrent and I choose not to engage in them. I am more committed to my baby than anything else on Earth, and I chose long ago to never be a womanizer, and I don’t play sports. (Nothing wrong with sports, they’re just not my thing.) But my point is: Any man who wants to fuck women without committing to them, or abandon his kids, or join women in their own sports, can freely do so with no pressure to do otherwise, and with almost no consequences.

Women, on the other hand, it’s all uphill for you, even if you become an OnlyFans whore. You have to work now, you have to depend on men to survive more than ever before, and when you rob kids of their father, you place all that burden of caring for them onto yourselves. The list goes on.

Honestly, I actually blame men for this Dark Age women have made for themselves. We shouldn’t have allowed women to do this to themselves. It’s our job to protect women, and that includes protecting them from themselves. Nonetheless, this is what women wanted, and they are seeing in real time exactly what they wished for.

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