What if Your Religion is Just a Test?

What if your religion is just a test? What if the true God, or whatever divine power, is just using all the religions of the world to test your character?

The problem with all religious people is that they claim their god(s) are beyond human understanding. Yet, they always claim to know so much about their god(s).

Religions basically seem to be giant lists of rules, when you really think about it. Whether any religion is the one true religion or not, the fact remains, all religions are meant to dictate how you live your life.

But what if the rules are nothing but a test? What if the rules are not there to mean “this is what God wants,” but are instead supposed to mean, “God just wants to see what kind of person you really are”?

How do you act when nobody is watching? Do you only behave because you think God is always watching? Would you harm people if a holy book said it was okay, or even if the book demanded it? Would you steal from people? Would you abandon your kids? Would you be a pathological liar?

What kind of life would you live whether there are rules written in a book or not?

You don’t know if your religion is true. You can believe, but you don’t actually know. Technically, it is possible that all religions are meant to exist because they are all different forms of the same test. And even more food for thought: The LACK of religion (atheism) could be a test in itself as well that is meant to ask, “What kind of character do you have if you don’t believe in any of the religions?”

I’m not giving an answer here. Sometimes wisdom is just asking tough questions.

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  1. I’ve often said that religions are not a test of morals, but a test of intelligence. I’ve heard at least two“Good Christians<" calling in to The Atheist Experience show, say that, ‘if God told them to kill their child’ – they would do it. Scares the Hell into me. 😳


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