Women Agree with the Manosphere

No matter how many times this keeps happening, it keeps surprising me.

I’ll just talk about the most recent example. At work this week, I was talking to one of my older coworkers, who’s probably in her 60s or so. At the end of the conversation, as I was walking away, she said, “Women these days are shit!”

Then, as if that didn’t surprise me enough, a girl who’s 9 years younger than me echoed that sentiment. I didn’t see where she was standing, but she was obviously nearby. She said, “It’s because feminism has ruined everything.”

A 60-something-year-old and a 21-year-old fully agree about the issue that’s plagued our social fabric. And I never knew either of them felt this way about the subject. When I was talking to the older lady, it wasn’t even about this subject, at least not entirely. We had been talking about how just about every family these days is broken, and all I expressed was that single mothers are the scum of our society. And that was when she said the aforementioned comment about women these days being shit.

Today (meaning, the day I wrote this article), I talked to the 21-year-old about feminism. She went on a full-blown rant. She kept mentioning a podcast that’s been educating her about the damage feminism is causing (and I am sorry to admit I forgot the name of the podcast). During her rant, she said something about how more than half of all women will be single and lonely by the 2040s. I’m not sure if that’s statistically verifiable, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

This is only the most recent example of women I personally know coming out of the closet and expressing their hatred of feminism. I have to admit, this keeps surprising me. It’s not enough to convince me that most women are anti-feminist, but … I suppose it is enough to give me some hope for our society’s future.

Women agree with the manosphere. Or, at least … they’re starting to.

I had no interest in the 21-year-old when I first met her, but the more I’m getting to know her, the more I’m becoming interested in her, especially after her rant about how much she hates feminism. At another point in the day today, she told me how she always wanted to be a mother more than anything and “for 12 years,” she said, she got nothing but ridicule for it. I responded by telling her, “Yes, feminism is the most ingenious misogyny ever conceived.”

As I was writing this, I remembered another thing she said. She said, “Women are NOT leaders,” though I forget her exact context.

In conclusion…

I think women are waking up to the reality of what feminism has wrought. No matter how much someone is convinced their ideology will lead to utopia, the fact is: You can’t argue with results.

And the results of feminism is: Women are more miserable now than they have ever been before.

If feminism is such a perfect ideology, why is it producing the opposite results women want?

I’ll tell you why, as I’ve said many times before. It’s because feminism goes against Mother Nature’s design. Women are built to be mothers. They are built to be nurturers and caretakers.

And that is a beautiful thing. It is a necessary thing. It is what the entire manosphere keeps saying women need to be. That’s not misogynistic, it is actually the most pro-woman thing men could want. It’s also what men find most attractive.

Fuck the lie of equality.

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