Evil People Are Always Stupid

I’m not saying all stupid people are evil, but I am saying that all evil people are stupid. The reason is simple:

Intelligent people understand the vast superiority of mutual benefit.

There is an obvious incentive to be a good person, even if deep-down you have the darkest, most-malicious heart imaginable. Even if you wish only the worst on others, chances are still very high that you value your own wellbeing, and for that reason, and that reason alone, it is still far, far more beneficial to behave as a good person.

Forcing the results you want in life is always (emphasis on the word “always”) a matter of luck, and a matter of time. From serial killers to tyrants like Hitler and Stalin, every evil person to have ever lived has relied almost entirely on luck to get what they want, and even when they get everything they want, their time is always limited.

This is especially true given the fact that: Intelligent people just aren’t evil. I know Disney has trained us all to think that being smart is a bad thing (unless you’re Iron Man), but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Stop getting your life lessons from Disney movies.

Evil people are never very bright. They can be skilled at one particular thing, but they are never bright overall. Intelligence is usually the best cure for being malicious.

Being evil makes your very life brittle. The more people you steal from, oppress, harm, or kill only makes the list of people who want you eliminated rise higher and higher. Not only that, but the odds that you can get away with any of these things in the first place is slim, especially if you commit evil acts multiple times.

How many tyrants live to be 100? How many thieves become billionaires? How many murderers are not in turn killed by someone else (by the law or by a vigilante)?

What Defines Evil

It’s nearly impossible to have a concrete, universally-accepted definition of “evil,” just like it’s nearly impossible to actually define what “life” is. It’s quite unfortunate, really, because evil would be far easier to detect, both in one’s self and in others, if we all agreed on what is evil. It’s unfortunately subjective.

Or, is it?

I personally have a definition of evil that I would love to see challenged. I’m not saying it’s a definition with no loopholes, I’m just saying I’m yet to see someone point out any potential loopholes. My definition of evil is: Any intentional act that is committed at the expense of another person’s wellbeing.

Why Evil People Are Stupid

It comes down to one word:


It is far, far more beneficial to work for mutual benefit than it is to force the results you want. The more human word for symbiosis is: Business. And it’s the basic explanation for why capitalism always succeeds, where socialism has never once worked.

Living creatures on Earth have been doing business with each other for billions of years. In nature, symbiosis has countless benefits, from population control, to literally the very air we breathe (which we can thank trees for).

So, how, exactly, could it be beneficial to senselessly harm others? Robbing them, harming them, deceiving them, etc.? If you must resort to any of these tactics in life, to force results you want, you are doing something wrong and still need to figure out how to do it right.

In fact, that’s probably the most standout fact about evil people, in general. They have to be evil to compensate for their own inadequacy.

Thieves, for example, only steal because they haven’t made the wiser, far superior choice to develop a tradeable skill, or building a company from the ground up, or making investments in other companies. Murderers always commit murder for one of two reasons: Either they are psychologically sick (as in, some form of sadism), or, they felt they had to it to achieve some end goal (usually to cover up for fucking something up). Either way, the act of murder is always committed as a form of desperation. Everyone who commits it feels an emotional need to do it. Even rape – the motivation for it – can be boiled down to virtually the same thing: Desperation and insecurity. Some people insist that rape is purely an act of sex, and some people insist it’s a psychological act of domination. I think it’s obviously both. It’s still desperation and insecurity. Like thievery and murder, there is no long-term benefit of rape; it’s extremely short-lived, and it’s also not even worth it. Because anyone who’s had sex with someone they are deeply in love with can tell you: Genuine passion has no equal. (And if genuine passion results in the conception of children, that’s even MORE rewarding.)

Or, take tyrants like Hitler and Stalin, for example. Not only did they fail to make their respective nations prosperous, but they lived their lives in fear. Stalin was notorious for his insecurity, seeing threats everywhere, including places where it didn’t remotely exist. Hitler, as we all know, died from suicide when his plan for world domination came crashing down. To every tyrant who has ever existed, the obvious seems to be lost on them, which is: If you let your people be free to live the lives they want, they will find a way to take care of themselves, and in turn, they will take care of you, too.


Gee, it all comes down to the same thing, does it not? Being good is not just something we should do … just because. We should be good because, in the end, everyone benefits far greater.

When it comes to morality and results, the difference between good and evil is quite comparable to fast food versus cuisine. You can have something cheap, or you can have something priceless…

Generally speaking, people are for more generous toward someone who has been generous to them. People are for more merciful toward people who have shown them mercy. I know from personal experience that this isn’t always true, but I know it’s true in general. At the very least, being good makes the chances of bad things happening far lower.

Never forget, though: Just because being evil is the stupid choice, that doesn’t mean it’s rare for people to make that choice. There are many, many evil people out there in the world.

Overall, if you want good things, and especially if you want the best things, then just be good. It really is that simple.

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