Only Feminine Women Can Be Happy

Look around you. The only women who are truly, undeniably happy, are women who have embraced their femininity. On the other hand, when was the last time you saw a feminist whose life was overflowing with joy?

Fact: The stronger feminism’s grip on society tightens, the less happy women become.

That’s no coincidence, because women are built by evolution to be feminine. They evolved to bear children, empathize with children, and to care for the helpless among us (meaning children, the disadvantaged, the sick, and the dying). The more any woman deviates from that, the less happy she will become.

Everything in nature is meant to be what it is. I can’t believe I have to say that in 2021.

A lion is a lion, a bear is a bear, a squirrel is a squirrel, and a woman is a woman. Even if you look at inanimate objects, even they stick to what they are. A clock tells you the time; it’s not a handrail. A chair supports your weight when you sit on it; it’s not a cereal bowl. A shoe protects your feet; it’s not a wine glass.

If you’re a woman, and you call yourself a feminist, then the true misogynist is you. You hate being a woman. You hate being weaker than a man, less powerful than a man, and less independent than a man. And you hate what you are because you compare your existence to men, and what you want is to be a man. How is it not obvious that pretending to be something you’re not dooms you to be miserable?

It’s no coincidence that bubbly, smiley grandmas who live into their 80s, 90s, and hundreds, all have the same basic underlying personality. They’re women, in every sense of the word. They want everyone to be in the best possible health, they want their homes to be clean, pleasant, and safe, they don’t like conflict, and they sure as hell aren’t activists. They embraced what they naturally are, long ago. And they live longer and happier lives because of it.

The sexes are meant to balance each other. Men and women are not equal; they are meant to balance each other. Women don’t want a man who cries frequently and just stays at home with the kids watching rom-coms, and men don’t want a woman who makes his masculinity unnecessary. Men feel fulfilled when they are providing, protecting, and making sure everything in their lives is as it should be. Women (even the staunchest feminists) want to be pretty, gentle, and peaceful caretakers.

Feminism is just wishful thinking, and it puts a burden on women that they don’t want to have.

I’m not even saying women can’t be happy if they have jobs. I am saying, though, that if women work jobs that they actually enjoy doing, it’s feminine jobs, such as being nurses, teachers, sitters, and cleaners, among some others. All other types of jobs emotionally suffocate women, especially if it involves being the president/CEO of an entire company. Women don’t truly want to sacrifice their own happiness just to prove to the world “women can do everything a man can!” (when statistics prove they still can’t).

The US Federal Government is well on its way to forcing women to register for the draft. Is that the equality you were looking for, feminists? Maybe you want to work more sewage treatment jobs? Maybe you want women to even-out the homeless population? Do you want half of all ex-wives to pay alimony and child support? I think everybody knows the answers to all these questions. Feminists, just admit by now that you never wanted equality in the first place. Odds are: You feminists don’t even know what you want in life.

Women, just be women.


  1. Good rant, but note some problems. It’s true that women are different. A famous lesbian admits that although feminists have proved they can do most of the same jobs as men, they have also discovered that they are not happy in those jobs. The traditional workplace was designed by men to suit the male character. On the other hand, some women have male bodies: tall, husky, with broad shoulders, and they may even have hormone problems. That’s not their fault, but they should not attack women who were born with more attractive bodies.


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