Wealth is a Mindset, NOT an Appearance

Check out this funny I found recently:

In case you live under a rock, the couple on the right-hand side is Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla. Mark Zuckerberg is worth $130 billion as of the day I’m writing this post. To put that in full perspective, the Zuck’s net worth looks like this: $130,000,000,000.

And yet, he dresses like … that.

I’ve admired billionaires for about the past maybe 3 years. My favorite is probably Warren Buffet, and my second-favorite is probably Jeff Bezos. Many billionaires, if you try to learn from them like I do, you will notice live pretty frugal lives. I’m not saying they never spend copious amounts of cash on themselves, but what I am saying is: They don’t do it just because they can.

That’s the lesson I want to teach in this post. These people are billionaires in the first place BECAUSE they don’t live lavish lifestyles. Well, that, and also because they provided mankind with a service used by nearly everybody.

Warren Buffet still lives in the same regular-sized house he lived in since he was 37.

Why? Because he never saw the need to get a different house. Oh, and did I mention Warren Buffet eats at McDonald’s almost every day, AND he still uses coupons whenever he can?

When Jeff Bezos first became a billionaire in 1999, he continued to drive his 1996 Honda Accord every single day to work.

Oh yeah, nearly all billionaires still keep going to their full-time jobs. Just think about that for a solid minute.

People need to realize that there’s a vast difference between being wealthy, and looking wealthy. The richest individuals you meet in life are those who care the least about looking like they are. Nearly all of the “rich” people I’ve personally met turn out to have a lot of debt, or sometimes, they don’t even own the expensive things they have. I’ve even read that many people who belong to the upper-middle class actually live off of bank loans. They borrow tons of cash, because they can use stocks or valuable possessions as collateral. That really doesn’t sound like a healthy lifestyle, but a lot of upper-middles live that way…

I learned from billionaires that the best way to get rich is to surround yourself with the best people you can find; people who make good choices, care about subjects that matter, and aren’t reckless. I also learned from billionaires that the best way to get rich is to live below your means, and rarely buy anything that you don’t truly need.

Elon Musk, AFTER becoming a millionaire (with an “m”), spent his entire fortune to help build Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity. He went from being a millionaire, to spending just $1 per day on food. He also borrowed money for rent.

Today, Musk is worth $150 billion, with a “b.”

That’s not just a lesson in the value of frugality, it’s also a lesson in the value of commitment. How often do you see billionaires who sleep with woman after woman, and have a bunch of kids with women they never loved? How often do you see billionaires with even a single tattoo?

People join the billionaires club by making wise choices. They commit to their passions, they don’t surround themselves with dumbfucks just because they’re hot, and they live below their means (maybe even if it means wearing the same shirt every single day, like Mark Zuckerberg does).

It’s a mindset. That’s the real reason the richest people stay rich. It’s not because of a rigged system, it’s because of the mindset they had since before they were rich. Again, I’m not saying the super-rich never spend large amounts of money on themselves; they most certainly do. But you have to keep the obvious in mind: They don’t make their lives about money itself.

When I was a liberal, I used to villainize the super-rich, but after many years of learning life-lesson after life-lesson, I came to admire them immensely. Many of them actually are heroes of mine, no joke.

They should be your heroes, too.

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