Success Means: Never Have a Plan “B”

I wrote the previous post last night before falling asleep, and then while I was going to sleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about that subject. I kept thinking about the habits of successful people, and how those habits never change.

Humans are creatures of habit. That’s at the core of why people never change. In order to change one’s self, they have to change their habits, not to mention needing to change the people they surround themselves with who might inhibit better habits from developing.

But nevertheless, if you want to be successful in life, or in some big goal you have, you need the habits that lead to success. No exceptions. My generation and Gen-Z seem convinced that they are owed things like a “financial safety net,” simply because they breathe. Well, speaking as someone who was once homeless, I can confidently say: No one deserves anything related to money just because they’re alive.

If you make good choices, good results will follow. It’s really that simple.

You may be wondering why the featured image of this post is a guy covered in tattoos, especially since I have no love for tattoos, and I lose respect for anybody who has them (unless it’s the name of their child). Speaking of tattoos, take a wild guess which person in my life has some? Take a wild guess.

Anyway, the man in the featured image is Travis Barker, the drummer of Blink 182. His Plan A was to become a successful musician. How did he commit to this dream? He completely covered his body in tattoos (including neck and head), so that regular jobs wouldn’t ever want to hire him. This forced him to commit to his dream at all costs. Travis Barker was so committed to his goal that he decided to connect the fate of his goal with, essentially, the fate of his entire life.

Congrats to him, he’s the only person in the world covered in thug tattoos that I still have respect for. He did something that would otherwise be trashy in order to ensure he couldn’t make a Plan B even if he wanted to.

He’s been successful in multiple bands and has a successful clothing line.

Commitment is the key to all successes in life. Commitment does not just mean “trying.” Commitment is all-or-nothing.

I’m not just talking about financial success, although that still certainly applies. And I’m not saying that commitment will guarantee success, but it is still key nonetheless. The greatest successes require commitments. It’s easy to look at someone who’s “made it,” but how often do people keep watch on someone during the whole journey that made a person successful? Almost never.

Journeys to success are always painful, time-consuming, and filled with doubt, whether they are fated to end successfully or not.

Marriages apply to what I’m saying, building businesses apply, having a dream career applies to this… Damn-near anything you can think of that people would want to do with the rest of their lives apply to what I’m saying here. To have it, commit to it until it falls apart completely. And hopefully it never does.

For example, Jeff Bezos became the richest person in the world in 2017, but he founded Amazon in 1994. Did anyone believe he’d be worth $200 billion someday? Did Bezos himself even believe that would happen someday? Very likely not. We only notice people after they made the journey, and then most people assume they cheated. Nobody watched Jeff Bezos’ journey for 23 years knowing where he’d end up.

We don’t know what kind of obstacles he faced, apart from just the usual business competition. Amazon used to just be an online bookstore, and then it started selling everything. Barnes and Noble has sold books since before Amazon was founded, and Walmart certainly existed before Amazon as well. Jeff Bezos didn’t have an easy journey to the top.

Part of the reason he made it to the top, was because it was not specifically his goal to reach the top. Becoming the richest man alive was just happenstance.

People become successful because they don’t sit around thinking about their Plan B just in case things don’t work out. They commit fully to fixing and solving the problems with Plan A, and they do nothing else until one of two results happen: Plan A is successful, or it dies completely and utterly.

Too many people give up on their Plan A when things only get a little rough. Especially women, who are not strong creatures, and this is yet another reason feminists are fools to believe women should be in charge of the world. What is a woman’s Plan B? It’s having “that one friend you don’t need to worry about,” when in reality, you (the man) most certainly should. Remember men, that guy she tells you not to worry about is her backup plan. Chances are good that your girl has multiple guys as backup plans.

Regarding success with anything in general, having a Plan B distracts from Plan A. Yes, my point is that simply having a Plan B, at all, makes the Plan B far more likely to be what you go to in the end. You are far more likely to be successful if you don’t even have a Plan B at all.

That’s right; don’t even have a Plan B. They are self-fulfilling prophecies.

I’ll use my divorce as an example here. When my ex-wife was being … herself … for the several months leading up to our divorce trial, at no point did I think to myself, “Well, if I lose my child, I’ll just make another one.” Even during our marriage, I never had a backup woman in mind just in case my marriage didn’t work out. But I never planned to “just make another kid” if I lost my first. Planning that was unacceptable, in my mind. That would have been my Plan B. And do you know what would have inevitably followed if I had a Plan B? I would have focused less on defeating my ex-wife in court, and I would have spent a lot of energy looking for someone who could give me another child.

But instead, I put ALL my energy into keeping my baby. And because of that, I won … in a system rigged against fathers.

Not to mention, that would have also diminished my commitment toward my daughter in the first place. If I had a Plan B regarding my daughter, that in itself would have reduced her value to me. Can you imagine that? I would have basically been thinking to myself, “Well, if I lose my child, I’ll just replace her.”

No, my daughter is priceless and irreplaceable, and that’s how I treated the whole situation.

My ex-wife tried to take my child in court, then after court she tried to get CPS to take my daughter from me, then she tried to get me arrested. Yes, that trash tried everything she could apart from illegal means (which I still expect from her someday). None of her attempts to destroy me worked, and actually backfired in a lot of ways. If I was anything less than fully committed to keeping my baby in my life, then I would no longer have her in my life. I have my daughter 4 days a week now, and the government forced my ex-wife to behave like a proper co-parenting adult, because otherwise she’d still behave like an entitled princess.

For the things you want most in life, NEVER have a Plan B. Give it everything you’ve got. If it’s not worth every fiber of your being, then it’s not worth trying in the first place. Because every time you hit a rough spot, you will glance at, or even start preparing for, your Plan B. I’ll remind you all: Plan B’s are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Instead of looking for solutions, you’ll just give up.

Even as my divorce dragged me down emotionally (to the point some days I’d just sit in a corner and do nothing because I felt too weak to move), I still made the choice that I will see this situation to the end even if I die trying. I treated my marriage the same way, though like any relationship, it wasn’t entirely my decision, and so there wasn’t much I could do when my ex-wife wanted to give up.

The greatest successes first require the greatest commitment and sacrifice, because they yield the greatest reward. What exactly “reward” means depends entirely on the individual.

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